Book Summaries

One-page summaries of new books about change

Books on point

There are thousands of wonderful and helpful books on all aspects of church leadership and administration.

The books listed below – and more to be added soon – are in no way to be regarded as better or more important than other books. They have been selected here because they are data books directly on point for the specific question: Why are 84% of churches in the Twin Cities stalled or declining in attendance, income, participation and community influence?

These books help us understand why churches will not grow in modern culture if we continue doing things just like we did in the past. These books explain changes needed to engage with the new generation of secular thinking.

Big opportunities

Readers of these books (or summaries by clicking covers below) generally respond in either of two ways:

DISCOURAGEMENT – Things are bad and getting worse. The problems seem almost insurmountable. Satan is attacking and we'll just have to hold tight in defensive posture.

OPTIMISM – Now we understand all the changes in thinking and demographics around us. Like the church has always done in past, we'll just have to adjust our communication and engagement to the new environment. No wonder we're slipping! Wow! Look at all the opportunities to make significant changes!

Church Scouts hopes that most people reading these books will see huge opportunities for new approaches to church growth.

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