Twin Cities Demographics
There are approximately 3,500,000 people in six living generations in the Twin Ciites metro in 2019. Statistics below show that 'Nones' are squeezing out Evangelicals at an alarming rate. (The loss is even greater for Catholics and mainline Protestants.)
Twin Cities Population
2019 Estimate by Generation
Critical chart for understanding what's happening to Twin Cities churches
Nones (red and black) means no church affiliation
Evangelicals (gold) means belief plus affiliated with a church
All Others (grey, catch-all, includes many non-evangelical mainline Protestants and Catholics, cultural-only Christians, other religions, etc.)
NOTE: Catholic and non-evangelical mainline churches are losing attendance, income and participation even faster than Evangelicals.
Raw numbers for above table
Three categories of Nones: Atheists (black, people who have no faith in God or any supernatural power; Agnostics (dark red, people who left their faith and/or people raised without any church connections; Dones (light red, people who left the church but not their Chrisian faith).
Facts on churches and culture