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Perceptions of reality are often different than true reality, colored by individual indoctrinations, experiences and desires. This site is dedicated to providing just FACTS – not opinions or guesses – about churches, demographics and culture. Good planning requires a COMPLETE SET of objective data.
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Major Religions
Major World Religions
Global Unaffiliated
Unaffiliated with Religion
Global Religion Switching
Global Religion Switching
World's Largest Churches
Weekly Attendance
in world's largest churches
Yoido Full Gospel Church / Seoul, Korea / 200,000
Calvary Temple Church / Hyderabad, India / 130,000
New Life Fellowship / Mumbai, India / 70,000
Victory / Manila, Philippines / 70,000
Deeper Life Bible Church / Lagos, Nigeria / 65,000
Believe God Exists (by nation)
Percent who say, 'I know God exists and I have no doubts about it'
Facts on churches and culture