Concept for Focus Groups

for testing presentations, explanations and motivations developed from street interviews
Fair-minded Atheists, Skeptics and Christians
Need three atheists, three skeptics and three Christians ages 20-40 to discuss religion with research facilitator. Two hours, one or more Tuesday evenings, Minneapolis. Get interesting experience, pizza and $50. Your opinions valued. Text “Interested” to 952-935-7981.
Cash budget $1,000 per session (Lundborg)
Nine participants: 9 x $50 =$450
Advertising/recruitment: $250
Food and beverage: $200
Other: $100
Assumes Steiger and Lundborg jointly facilitate discussion ... Steiger does video production ... and a church or business provides conference room.
Participants tell not only what they think personally, but also WHAT they think their friends would think ... AND WHY.
Hopefully, this could become self-propagating, with participants in the groups recommending/recruiting participants for future groups.
Potential for becoming a powerful spiritual research lab for communication and evangelism.