Video 1 - Purpose of Life

Twelve random interviews with Millennials
Minneapolis streets / Summer 2018
Millennials (ages 18-38) – the population segment now shaping our churches – are interviewed at random on Twin Cities streets to see what they think about God, Bible, sin, heaven/hell, church and other spiritual matters.
When you pass people on the street, do you sometimes wonder what kind of spiritual thoughts they have ...

Well, we decided to stop these Millennials as we found them, at random, walking down a street in Southeast Minneapolis, and we asked them ...
What's the
purpose of life?
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for their answers:
Understand modern culture
The value of these street interviews is to help church leaders understand modern culture, directly from the lips of the people around us.
Understanding the culure is the first step in effective communication. These random interviews on the streets of Minneapolis reveal the prevalent thinking that's challenging our churches.
When Christians talk to people outside the church with the same assumptions and language as they talk to people inside the church, it's like two ships passing in the night ... and the church will likely continue to decline.
Communication needs to start from their perspective, not ours.
Demographic implications
Eighty-three interviews like this have been completed, and more than a hundred more are planned, to help improve communication with the post-Christian generation.
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