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25 random interviews with Millennials
Millennials (ages 18-38) – the population segment now shaping our churches – are interviewed at random on Twin Cities streets to see what they think about God, Bible, sin, heaven/hell, church and other spiritual matters.
We stopped 25 Millennials at random on streets in Minneapolis and engaged them in conversation about origin of life, purpose of life, right and wrong and what happens after death.

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Audio snippets from Twin Cities random street interviews
These interviews are random, as Millennials come walking down the street.
No whole interviews or parts of interviews have been omitted.


The respondents' exact words are transcribed in Briefing 10 (click image for PDF). Here's a summary of the dominant beliefs:

  • There is no creator-God, but maybe a higher power of some kind. Our origin is through evolution, beginning with the Big Bang.
  • The purpose of life is to help one another and create a better and more just society.
  • There are no absolutes except government law – everything else is relative to the situation – and there is no sin in the biblical sense (only mistakes).
  • There is no hell – maybe some kind of heaven – but no one can know before dying.


The dominant beliefs (above) among this sample of Twin Cities Millennials pose this difficult communication problem for the church today:

If there's NO creator-God ... NO absolute truth ... NO sin ... and NO hell ... then why need a Savior?

Future interviews and Briefings will address this problem head-on and provide practical helps for spiritual conversation in the secular world.

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Eighty-three interviews like this have been completed, and more than a hundred more are planned, to help improve communication with the post-Christian generation.
IDEA: Develop sermon series
For sermons that are highly relevant for the modern world, pastor listens closely to the 72 street interviews in this section ... develops sermon series to respond to major misunderstandings and objections ... sermons give compelling answers ... trains the congregation for every-day engagement with unbelievers.
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