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24 more interviews with Millennials
Millennials (ages 18-38) – the population segment now shaping our churches – are interviewed at random on Twin Cities streets to see what they think about God, Bible, sin, heaven/hell, church and other spiritual matters.
We stopped another 24 Millennials at random on streets in Minneapolis and asked what they believe about the Bible.

Click the recordings below to hear their viewpoints, expressed in their own words and their own voices.
Twin Cities random street interviews about the Bible
These interviews are random, just conversations with Millennials as they come walking down the street.
No whole interviews or parts of interviews have been omitted.

What this means

We are now living in a post-Christian culture. That doesn't mean that there's not a large percentage of Christians or that Christians don't have a huge influence on today's culture. It means that Christianity is no longer the default (generally accepted) view, no longer the foundation of our culture. Christian influence and appeal is rapidly declining.

  • The respondents have little or no Bible knowledge or respect, and critical misunderstandings.
  • The respondents have little or no Bible knowledge or respect, and critical misunderstandings.
  • The Bible has little or no authority or relevance to their lives.
  • They regard the Bible as a book of choice, an ancient collection of stories for some religious people who still find them helpful.
  • They do not perceive the Bible as trustworthy or as a message from God; most do not know who wrote the Bible or how we got it.
  • None of the respondents said that the Bible is about sin and need for a Savior; sin was never mentioned (so why need a Savior?).
  • Most believe the main message of the Bible is to be good to people.

America is now Millennial

The interview responses here reveal typical Millennial thinking. Millennials (18-38) and Gen Z (1-17) now comprise approximately 50% of the U.S. population.

Millennial thinking is taking over. They're now in child-bearing age.This is not a fringe group – this is the new America!


Generally speaking, the church is acting as if American culture is still like it was 40 years ago when Billy Graham would say, "The Bible says ...". But now it's different – radically different – as these interviews illustrate.

Most Christians have wrong assumptions about how non-believers perceive the Bible.

Accurate understanding of the other person's point of view is the first requirement for effective communication.
Eighty-three interviews like this have been completed, and more than a hundred more are planned, to help improve communication with the post-Christian generation.
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