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  1. Church Count and Worship Attendance
  2. Protestant-Catholic Attendance Breakdown
  3. 100 Largest Churches in Twin Cities (attendance, growth, denomination)
  4. 100 Largest Protestant Churches (attendance, growth, denomination)
  5. Denominations by Count of Twin Cities Churches
  6. Denominations by Attendance in Twin Cities Churches
  7. Denominations by Gain/Loss in Attendance
  8. Catholic Parishioners in Minnesota
  9. Catholic Priests in Minnesota
  10. Minnesota Seminaries Enrollment
  11. Count of Twin Cities Churches by Size and Growth
  12. Churches Per Capita: Twin Cities Compared to Other Cities
  13. Age of Twin Cities Churches
  14. Growth Rate by Age of Church
  15. Largest Church in Twin Cities
  16. Multi-site Data Table
  17. List Twin Cities Multi-site Churches
  18. Growth/Decline Summary of Twin Cities Churches
  19. Denomination Growth Rates in Twin Cities
  1. Twin Cities Religious Profile
  2. Twin Cities Demographic Changes by Generation
  3. Scripture Engagement in Minneapolis
  4. Troubling Trends for Evangelicals
  5. People Not in Church
  6. Growth of the 'Nones' (Twin Cities)
  7. 'Nones' by Generation
  8. Immigrants to Twin Cities by Country
  9. Dramatic Drop in Immigrant Arrivals
  10. Twin Cities Muslim Population
  11. Twin City Muslims by Ethnicity
  12. Twin Cities Mosques by Year
  13. Devout/Cultural Muslims
  14. Twin Cities Conversions to Islam
  15. Minnesota: Belief in God
  16. Minnesota: Interpretation of Bible
  17. Minnesota: Belief in Heaven
  18. Minnesota: Belief in Hell
  19. Minnesota: How Decide Right from Wrong
  20. Minnesota: Standards Absolute/Relative
  21. Minnesota: Feeling Spiritual Peace
  22. Minnesota: Human Evolution
  23. Minnesota: Same-sex Marriage
IDEA: Encouragement for congregation
Remind congregation that whole church of the Twin Cities is very large ... hundreds of thousands of believers ... over 4,000 individual congregations ... dozens of parachurch organizations ... build perspective and encouragement with facts reported on this site.
Facts on churches and culture